Who are we?

Our sisters are paralegals, principals, professors, pharmacists, spiritual directors, artists, social workers, missionaries and more, each using her God-given talents, stills and desires for the good of the world.
Lives of Service

We make God’s love tangible and known through compassionate acts of service in our ministries and in our lives.

Prophetic Voices

Celebration, prayer, and deep reflection are an integral part of our individual and communal spirituality.

Advocating for Justice

We stand for unity and against tragedies that separate us, such as poverty, war, racism, and global warming.

Spirit of Reconciliation

We practice Precious Blood Spirituality with four other religious communities. Learn more by visiting this website.

Courageous. Compassionate. Committed.

“You will lack nothing if God is with you. Be a woman of great courage…”

-St. Maria De Mattias, foundress of the Adorers

Spirituality of Reconciliation. Our spirituality is simple, yet deep. We believe in love: Compassionate, courageous, committed Love that reconciles us to ourselves, to each other, and to God. Our lives as women religious are fully consecrated to exploring the potential this Love has to make the world a more beautiful and just place.

Commitment to Justice. We believe compassion and justice are deeply intertwined in the Kingdom of God. The community’s Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation department keeps sisters informed of action items in the legislature and provides opportunities for everyone to pray and act on behalf of issues they’re passionate about, like stopping human trafficking, welcoming refugees and immigrants, and caring for the earth.

A Rich History. Since our founding in the 1800s, the Adorers have weathered many changes in the world, the Church, and our community. We stand on the shoulders of those who come before us.

Community oriented. Most of our sisters live communally in homes of 3-6 people. Meals, prayer, and the daily rhythms of life are shared. Our community also extends to include Sojourners, Associates, and Junior Associates.

“Community is a great gift because we form friendships, and we have support throughout our lives. We also know that the charism we share is a greater witness to God’s love than our singular witness.”
– Sister Margret Washington, ASC

Lives of Steady Courage. Even after five of our sisters were martyred  in Liberia in the 1990s, Sister Raphael Drone, ASC, returned years later to continue the Adorers’ presence among the Liberian people. We believe courage is simply taking the next right step and choosing love over fear. Read more about living courageously >>

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