Q&A with Lori Benge

I am the lay Vocation Director of the Adorers Ministry of Vocations Team.  There are two Sisters on the ministry team also along with the entire community who are committed to vocations.  I have a heartfelt passion for journeying with individuals searching to find their place in God’s plan whether that is a consecrated vowed religious, married or single.  I have been in vocation ministry for over 19 years in various capacities.  I am a Sojourner and an Associate with the Adorers community and have committed my life to giving daily witness to the spirituality of the Precious Blood.  I would love to hear your story and share mine….let’s journey together!

Here are some commonly asked questions!

My own vocation is to help women articulate theirs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or prayer requests.

What are some of the most common concerns expressed by women inquiring?

Know that your questions have probably been asked in the past by someone else. Many discerners have similar thoughts and concerns. Here are a few I get fairly often:

  • When will I know what God’s will is for me?
  • What if I make the wrong decision?
  • How will I know which Religious community is right for me?
  • What is the process?
  • Can I still date?
  • What about my dog/cat, car, house, profession, money?
  • What about my student loans?
  • What about my credit card debt?
  • How will my family react?
  • How will my friends think?
  • How and when do I tell people?
  • What if I fall in love?
  • Will I miss having children of my own?
  • What age can a woman enter?

I’m willing to talk through any of these questions with you!

What kind of person would make a good sister?

Women who love Jesus with all their heart and so have a love for all people.  Women who want to devote their time, gifts and energy to God’s people in a variety of ways.  Women who want to live with others and share in mission, prayer and daily life experiences.

Why do I personally love the Adorers?

I love the spirituality and the stories.  I’m not a sister myself, but I still want to live the ASC spirituality in a way that is particularly unique to my life and community.  I too want to be a compassionate presence to the world. To me, the Adorers are continuously a living witness to that way of life. It is truly a gift to me.

After 19 years I continue to be inspired by the stories of the sisters, their vocation and ministry stories, how they have been blessed in community and their struggles. The thought of being able to invite women to listen, share and create their story with the Adorers gives me incredible hope and joy for the future.

Not all women will be called to be an Adorer, and that is 100% fine. But I believe all can be touched as I have by the Adorers and through that connection, the Church and the world will be changed for the better.

I'm scared of what I might miss out on if I become a sister. What do I do?

No matter what kind of choice we make there might be something we miss out on.  If you choose to eat at home we might miss the great meal at a restaurant, if you choose to eat at a restaurant you might miss a very important conversation at the home dinner table.   So we make these kind of big choices in our life all the time, whether it is a job or a house or a meal, we make one choice and leave the other.  It is easier to choose when one choice we don’t like and the other we love but usually it is the choice between two options we love.

In my experience as long as we choose the option that fits us the best, that we have spent the time praying about, asking God to help us choose, talking to others about the best choice and have that deep inner peace about, then we will not feel we have missed out on anything, in fact it usually fills us with so much more than we ever expected.  For me, I really feel this at my current place of community and ministry.  If I never became a sister I would have never probably even visited New Mexico let alone experienced the beauty of the Navajo culture, the love of ministry in a parish and the joy of being among wonderful people and beauty of nature here.

So I suggest, take the time to pray, talk to others and listen to that deep inner peace that God gives us to help make decisions.


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