Sharing joys and challenges...

We live in community with one  another, sharing prayer time, meals and household duties as well as laughter, sorrows and friendship.

In years past, sisters lived in designated houses called convents, which often were adjacent to Catholic schools or parishes. Today, our former convents and “motherhouses” serve as central living for older sisters. Many of the rest of us share houses, duplexes or apartments in ordinary neighborhoods.

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Hear from the women who have the experience...

What does community mean to you?

"Community is our link to Maria De Mattias to carry out the charism entrusted to our saintly foundress. As her daughters we are joined uniquely as we carry on our role as Adorers. The call to this community as to any religious community is from God and it carries with it the graces to gather in love and unity for the sake of the kingdom."

- Sister Margaret Washington, ASC

“Community to me means always having a support system that engages my personal, spiritual, physical and mental needs. Even as I minister to God’s people it’s not a matter of me and God but we and God. All our resources are shared. Shared focus in life by all members.

- Sister Laurentia Koehler, ASC

What is the most rewarding part about community life?

"Supporting and being supported, loving and being loved."

- Sister Nylas Moser, ASC

"For me one of the most rewarding components of community living is daily prayer together. Having meaningful conversations builds a bond that is more intimate than just friendship and is based on a shared charism."

- Sister Therese Anne Keifer, ASC

"Knowing that you are appreciated and loved by your sisters and that they care deeply about you and want the best for you just as you love and care for them. It gives you a peace and happiness that is very rewarding."

- Sister Rachel Lawler, ASC

"The entomology of the word comes from “union with”. Community to me means that I am in union with a group of women who have Jesus as their Radiant Center and follow the vision of St. Maria DeMattias. In community we encourage one another to live Gospel values. Our love for one another in community is in itself, as our Constitution says, 'a primary apostolic witness.'"

- Sister Anitawa Fearday, ASC

What is the most difficult part about living in community?

"The most difficult part is recognizing and accepting the diversity of personalities. It demands a conscious choice to see the God who is alive and active in the other person who is not like me."

- Sister Rose Anthony Matthews, ASC

"We are all so different, coming from different cultures, areas, personalities."

- Sister Sophia Kammer, ASC

"The most rewarding part is the joy that comes from living this "miracle" (beyond words and understanding) of community. How else do you describe a group of women who come from such diverse backgrounds, with such different life experiences, with such different views of how to do something, yet for the sake of the greater good -- furthering the Christ's work of Redemption in our world -- can make the concept of coming together for a greater good work."

- Sister Fran Schumer, ASC

"I become the best version of the me that God desires because of community."

- Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC

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