“You will lack nothing if God is with you. Be a woman of great courage…” -St. Maria De Mattias, foundress of the Adorers

Courage often seems like a daunting virtue. Many of our stories about courage make us think we have to become a great, strong hero to be courageous when in reality, courage in our everyday life is the momentum that helps us grow.

The most courageous thing you can do is take the next right step, whatever that is. Sometimes that’s telling the truth when you’d rather not. Sometimes it’s admitting you were wrong. Sometimes it’s making that phone call you’ve been avoiding. If we let it, fear will put a halt on our spiritual growth. Courage, or daily acts defying the fears within us, is the means by which we overcome that stagnation.

Consistent willingness to face our fears creates a courageous life, day by day.

When it comes to the broader questions of discernment, taking the next right step is all it takes. Face your fears of commitment, failure, and embarrassment. Face them slowly and consistently. Trust that God is teaching and leading you.

We want you to thrive in the abundant life God is offering you. Any time we walk alongside a discerner, our main goal is not that they join the Adorers but that they find the place in the world where their heart sings and their talents make a difference. For some, that abundant life will be with our community, and we will delight in gaining a sister. For some that may be in religious life with another community or not in religious life at all, and we will delight in the kingdom gaining another person shining God’s love to the world. We want to journey with you, no matter where it leads you.

Live courageously!