In third grade I declared to anyone who asked or would listen, that I was going to be a Sister.

I was touched very deeply by the peace, joy, and the ability to find enjoyment in the simple things in life. This is what I experienced and saw lived out in the lives of Sisters in my home parish, Our Lady of the Atonement, Kinston, N.C.

A year after graduating from high school, I joined the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Columbia, Pennsylvania. I found out soon enough that religious living in community was a perfect fit for me.

As expected in life, I certainly had and continue to have my share of challenges and difficulties which have been some of my saving graces, but in twenty- five years I learned I was given many gifts, some that I use today as a Pastoral Assistant, such as the RCIA process, Adult Spiritual and Personal Faith Growth Formation Programs, and Spiritual Direction.

For me, it is my responsibility to use them to inspire and bring the joy, peace and love of Jesus to those that I touch in this life, the same as the Sister Adorers of my childhood. Now in over fifty years as a sister, I like the person I am as an Adorer. I would not change a thing, for I am witness to my experiences which have helped make me the person I am today.

I’ve learned that what is important for me at this time in my life is to be faithful and trust allowing the Spirit of Jesus within me to be the driving force for my relating and communicating with others. This is the greatest gift that all my previous experiences have matured me to live out today. I am very grateful and I am very blessed that because of my Faith!