Who are we?

Our sisters are paralegals, principals, professors, pharmacists, spiritual directors, artists, social workers, missionaries and more, each using her God-given talents, skills and desires for the good of the world.

We Adorers of the Blood of Christ hear God’s Spirit calling us to continued life as compassionate and reconciling forces in the modern world. We are alive and strong and are needed more than ever to help bring about Christ’s promise of justice, love and peace.

We are here to support you as you discern your vocation, wherever it leads.

Rich in History

We started in 1834 when a young woman, Maria De Mattias, began teaching girls and women in Acuto, Italy, at a time when women and girls rarely received a formal education.

She gained a following, and over time, Maria herself or other women who joined the community that came to be known as The Adorers of the Blood of Christ opened missions in Europe, the U.S., China, Brazil, Congo, Australia and other places throughout the world.

Original group 1870

We and other religious communities of women and men contemplated and carried out a new way of being in the 1960s,